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Photo Tours

     We conduct on-site photography tour-cum-workshop where we take you to the location and guide you to capture photos with your camera and provide tips to enhance your skills as a photographer.

     Currently we are limiting the group size to 4 to 5 people only for BTR & RBS and up to 10 for Madivala & Lalbagh. Contact us for dates and prices.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Age: 12+

  2. Equipment:

    1. Camera Body​

      • Any DSLR/Mirrorless​

    2. Lens - Landscape/Macro/Street​

      • 10mm to 200mm​ - Primes/Zooms

    3. Lens - Wildlife/Aviation/Sports

      • 70mm to at least 300mm or more Zoom​

    4. Support - Any sturdy Tripod or Monopod

    5. Flash - not essential

    6. Batteries - at least 2 fully charged

    7. Memory cards

      • Bigger the better (check your camera manual for max limit supported)

      • Faster the better (check your camera manual for recommended)

    8. Filters - not essential


The agreement between the company and the guest will not be in force till the deposit has been paid and the following terms and conditions accepted.

  1. Guests are accepted on the understanding that they appreciate the risks in travel which may include injury, sickness, theft or death and that the clients undertake the tours at their own risk.

  2. We try to keep these tours as safe as possible for everyone, but we can’t be held responsible if someone falls sick directly or indirectly due to any activity or food or drink consumed during the tour.

  3. Please inform us in advance of any allergies and intolerance and/or medical conditions well in advance and we will try to do our best to make it work for you.

  4. Information presented on our website and emails are accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. Some items of the tour like timings of departure, duration of boat/safari sessions, prices may change with very little advance notice due to reasons beyond our control. We will endeavor to inform guests of any such changes as soon as humanly possible.

  5. If any guests have any complaints, they must inform the tour leader first, and follow up with a written or emailed complaint as soon as possible.

  6. We make it a point to listen to our guests but the decisions made by tour leader will be final in all matters

  7. A deposit fee of 50 % of total cost of tour is required when confirming a booking. It will be refunded in case of over booking or cancellation of tour from the company's side. Rest of the amount has to be paid at least 2 business weeks before the tour date. Should the client fail to make the payment, their slot may be allotted to others. Late applicants can consider joining the next tour.

  8. Tour costs are calculated according to prevailing prices at the time of designing the itinerary. The company will not be held responsible for any changes beyond its control.

  9. If you are on medications, please carry them along with a copy of the prescription.

  10. The security of your belongings (cash, cards, equipment etc.) are solely your responsibility.

  11. Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing as dictated by weather. Keep to earthly shades when visiting wildlife parks & sanctuaries.

Cancellation and Refund policies:

  1. Cancellation before 48 hours before tour date time 25% will be deducted.

  2. No cancellation for safari tickets.


Desist from these at Bird Sanctuary / Tiger Reserve:

  • Don’t Feed Animals.

  • Don’t Tease Animals.

  • Don’t Smoke (In the park & vehicle(s)).

  • Alcohol Not Allowed (In the park & vehicle(s)).

  • Don’t Stop Vehicles in the park.

  • Don’t Horn.

  • Don’t Overtake.

  • Don’t Violate Speed Limit.

  • Don’t Take Pictures by stopping along the road.

  • Don’t Litter.

Note: In case of any violations FINES will be as charged by the concerned authorities.

Click on the following links to see details of the available tours.

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