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We found that backpacks are more convenient for us to pack and carry our equipment around in. We reviewed and looked up many different options and then decided to go for Lowepro and ThinkTank units.


The Airport Commuter was my choice. Large enough to take the Nikkor 200-500mm mounted to the D500 and hare space for batteries, a couple of lenses, a speedlight, the cables, charges, and even my 17" laptop!

The Protactic 450 AW was our second big backpack.

This too packs similar to the above ThinkTank.

The back opening system is certainly a good safety feature.


The Fastpack 150 AW was one of our first camera backpacks. The split design helps on smaller trips where we are not needing our big glass.

Can pack a quick change of clothes too when in transit!

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